Signs: 12x18 - Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs - 2 Sided

Signs: 12x18 - Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs - 2 Sided
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1 Color $18.13 $18.13 $8.24 $3.87 $1.88 $1.58 $1.36 $1.22 $1.18
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3 Colors $18.13 $18.13 $8.26 $5.38 $2.77 $2.26 $1.94 $1.74 $1.68
Full Color $18.13 $18.13 $18.13 $5.99 $4.99 $3.99 $3.75 $2.99 $2.49

12x18 is half the size of the the most common 18x24. It is the economy size and will stay up longer on poles because it's harder to see. For the same reason, it will usually generate fewer leads in the same period of time than it's bigger cousin 18x24. 

The sign is printed on both sides, which is perfect for use with H-Wires. The signs are also less likely to be stolen to be used for other purpose because there is no blank sides.

Available in either horizontal or vertical flute direction (selection available within the design studio).

  • Horizontal Flutes -  Best when using SignStapler. Horizontal flute orientation reduces the chance of sign bending in the wind when attached to poles or wooden stakes. H-Wires are not to be used with Horizonal Flute orientation.
  • Vertical Flutes - For use with H-Wires. This is the most common flute orientation, because it can be used with H-Wires, Wood Stakes, or SignStapler.

​Keep in mind that if you plan on stapling these signs to poles, only one side will be visible, so you can save some money by printing only on one side

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