About Us

SignStapler was created in the basement one evening by Alex Galitsky when he was looking for a better way to put up bandit signs. He actually had hired someone with a car and a ladder to put up signs that Friday night when there was a knock on the door and the guy who he hired brought back the signs and nails and said he has changed his mind and doesn't want to do it. 

Alex didn't want to climb the ladder himself again and so he put his engineering hat on. After all, he was still working at Raytheon in the Missile Defense department, so technically he was a Rocket Scientist.  

The first design was no rocket science, but it worked great. When he showed it to few of his friends, including a big time real estate rehab queen Robyn Thompson, they all thought that he should package it up and sell it. So, he went back to work to improve the design, functionality, and look. 

Today, SignStapler.com not only sells the tool which started it all, but also provides other solid, tested, and proven marketing materials which worked for generations and will continue to work in the future.